In a CNN interview in May, Minnesota soybean farmer Bill Gordon said, “With these added tariffs farmers are not getting their credit lines renewed, banks are coming in and foreclosing on their farms, taking their family living away and it’s too much for some of them. We have seen a definite increase in the suicide rate and depression in farmers in the U.S., especially in the Upper Midwest.” -Forbes

The American Family Farm is in crisis. We are looking for some good Samaritans to help pay the annual fee for distressed family farmers to be able to sell their products nationwide. In return, their bottom line will increase so they too can continue to live the American dream and all its promises. By clicking the donate now button, you will be able to choose what state a family farmer lives in and assist the family farmer by help lowering his cost of business. In return, you will receive a care package from a family farm free of charge when the crops are harvested. From the Family Farm to your table, thanks in advance!